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Where to advertise?

2018-01-26 15:37:26

Except from being a platform for everyday use or entertainment, social networks have also an important marketing impact. According to Facebook's data for September 30, 2017, the company's income from advertising composed about $10 billion.

Day by day Facebook's advertising platforms are being improved, from videos to messenger. Facebook also successfully launched the possibility for live broadcast, which later became a fairly successful advertising tool because of the number of advantages its algorithm has.

In 2016, it became possible to use as an advertising platform the Facebook Messenger App. It was logical because the app has billions of users. By the way, in Armenia the number of Facebook Messenger users is approximately 1.1 million. Business Insider made an interesting study to understand the difference between the Messenger and social networking applications. According to BI Intelligence WhatsAppFacebook MessengerWeChatViber apps monthly are being used more than major social networks: FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn


Chart from businessinsider.com

This means we spend much more time on chatting with our friends than on browsing our Newsfeed.


Where to advertise?

Day by day, the opportunity to put an ad on Facebook Messenger improves. Social network enables to advertise in different ways depending on the goal of the advertising campaign:

1․ Destination Ad or messages from Facebook account

  • Users can go from Facebook’s ad directly to the Facebook Messenger by clicking on corresponding button.

2․ Sponsored Messages or advertising in Messenger Inbox

  • This is more like email, when “X” news is transmitted to the audience by an email.

Especially the second point has advantage over mailing. Putting an advertising on Facebook Messenger App, we do not deal with full spam.


Facebook allows posting an advertising on Messenger only for people who somehow had deal with the app, and the most important, people have opportunity to sign out from advertising subscription.

It is hard to say that Messenger replaces completely the email, but at least it seeks to replace. There are a number of studies, according to which, people deal with Messenger advertising 5-6 times more than with email.


Advertising or communication… The “magic” effect of Chatbots

One of the advantages of putting an ad on Messenger is the opportunity of interactive communication. Despite the advantages of advertising on Facebook Messenger, it is not certain that the audience will easily receive any mail or ad that is placed on their Messenger Inbox. As in other cases, here we also face a problem: the advertising needs to be interesting. In case of Messenger, although, the communication can be full interactive. In general, people have the opportunity to interact with Messenger advertising by question-and-answer format, conversation or menus. It is about creating and using Chatbots. This is one of those domains, where the most creative one is going to win, because business has the possibility to interact with its consumer in the way that it wants, and, of course, to win their target audience completely. The organization itself decides how the bot should greet, what kind of questions it should pose and how should answer to questions.

Chatbots give the opportunity to consumers to:

1․find the content they are interested in on Messenger from organization’s site or Facebook page

2․choose what Chatbot should offer them: music or film, Pop or Jazz

3. be informed about organization’s upcoming events

4․ manage your organization’s fresh news

5․ etc

Example of a Chatbot:



Let’s pay attention to the fact that Chatbot may not complete a sale, but it can lead the consumer to the selling domain and promote sales volumes. Of course, most of the time the consumer doesn’t want to hear Chatbot’s positive greetings and has some problem that he wants to report to the organization. That is why it is desirable to afford the consumer the possibility to talk to a real person, and the customer himself should decide to communicate with the bot or an SMM specialist.

And at the end, the advertising on Facebook Messenger can be effective as much as negative. Because if the audience of advertisement is 230 thousand people, but the specialist answering to the questions is just one, he will hardly keep up with the flow of mails. Thus, advertising campaigns are desirable for smaller groups.