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New trends of Instagram

2018-01-11 18:29:03

Algorithm Transformation

In recent years the number of active users per month has given instagram the opportunity to reach the top of social networking area. According to instagram's official data the social network has around 800 million users of which 500 million are active every day. As a result, instagram has become one of the main platforms of digital marketing. Before refering to the advertising and marketing tools of Instagram let's look at the mechanism the newsfeed algorithm works for. There was a time when instagram's algorithm worked on a cronological principle which was a great opportunity to get maximum of the result with minimum resources. The user was able to catch the publications of his friends on his newsfeed, back to the old principle. That was great, no need to spend a lot of money on advertising. But later, the timeline of chronological news was a problem. Why? Because the number of instagram users was rising and sometimes people just could not see the publications they were interested in (about 65-70%) due to the high amount of publications posted by their friends. This resulted in the lost of the most important publications. As a result of this, most of the important publications were just lost. That was a difficult situation for Instagram support team as they needed to choose between suggesting users to follow fewer accounts or making an algorithm to solve this problem.

Started from 2016 insagram has changed the newsfeed formation mechanism. Posting of pictures and videos started with a new algorithm. In general, Facebook newsfeed algorithm works with the help of thousands of settings and each of them performs an individual function. The main directions of Insagram and Facebook newsfeeds are:

  • User Affinity - here priority is given to the publications of people who you contanct the most in direct message. The more letters you send, the more often that person will see your publications.
  • Content Weight - Comments, likes, pictures and link publications, livestreams
  • Time-Based Decay Parameter - The publications with small amount of  likes and comments will be considered as unattractive and will reduce its availiability by algorithm.
  • Story Bumping - In case of missing an interesting publication posted earlier by your friend, this function will show you them also.
  • Last Actor - An analysis of your interests is based on the activity of the previous 50 publications (what you liked, what publications you commented, what kind of publications you are interested in etc.)

Stef Lewandowski

Stef Lewandowski , the co-founder of "Makelight"  spoke about several points that could have some effect on the algorithm.

  • how often does the user access the application?
  • how old is the picture and has it been found on the internet before?
  • the publication is made by user or business account?
  • Is the user active or not? how many likes and comments is he leaving?

However, a social network can be a very effective platform for an advertising campaign. According to instagram's official data, 80% of users are following business pages. So it is no suprising that instagram provides advertising tools and platforms. Besides, it's important to notе the advantage of videos downloaded on Instagram, advatage of the visualization campaign and so on.

Instagram Stories specification

Every day around 300 million people use Insagram Stories. In a very short period, It has become a serious platform for advertising. In Stories, people have the opportunity to share the memorable moments of their life more often. It should be noted that there are no scientifically fictitious algorithms here. If Instagram's newsfeed is reccomended to be published daily, there are no publication limits on Stories, you can post more than 10 publications, anyway you don't have to deal with full spam. Here are some importatnt opportunities Instagram Stories give us.

  • Instagram Story users are given an advantage over instagram newsfeed algorithm (their access to the content is higher)
  • At this time, only verified users are able to post an active link in Stories but in the near future it is expected to be available for everyone. In instagram, as we know, an active link can be found only in the Bio section.
  • The amount of Direct Messages is rising as users can respond to the content posted on instagram stories only by DM. Actually instagram algorithm gives an advantage to users who have a lot of Direct Message dialogues. In this case, organizations are able to get more feedback from their followers during their advertising campaigns.
  • Users are allowed to leave a comment during live streams
  • Besides, users can check how many times their content was viewed
  • Search for hashtags or titiles and find stories that might interest you.

Instagram stories enable to modify the picture as we want, we can also add texts, symbols, date, different colors and a lot more. But it's always better to use minimum amount of attributes, when the story tends to solve a commercial problem. As a result, organizations are allowed to give more content to their followers with Instagram stories without overloading the newsfeed and not appearing on the "black list" of the algorithm. Besides Instagram stories can be a good tool for the organiaztion's studies. As we know, we have the opportunity to check who viewed our story and most importantly which section of the story is most viewed. Based on these indicators, we can understand which type of content can be provided to our followers for the second time, this time through the instagram newsfeed.

Advertising in Instagram Stories

In January 2017, 30 major organizations were allowed to place ads on instagram stories. At that time it was still in question that the possibility of advertising in Stories would become accessible to all businesses. And now, started from March, any business account is allowed to place ads on instagram stories. We have already talked about stories' peculiarities and importance and we know that the use of it as an advertising tool can have a more effective outcome for the organization. Stories can feaute 1 picture or a 15 second video of advertisment. More infotmation here

Frequent mistakes made by users

  • Posting a lot of publications

Some people prefer to post 1-2 publications per day when the others think 5-6 is the right amount. Anyway it's up to you and your audience. You just need to remember that there's no need to annoy your followers with 20-30 publications per day because the followers will respond less to that publications and it will be considered as spam.

  • Selling with every single publication

Despite the fact, that one of the functions of social marketing is the promotion of sales, nevertheless social networks are not just for selling. The sale is the result of providing a competent content.

  • Publishing low quality images
  • Using wrong hashtags

Remember, the hashtag you are using must be in line with the picture. What's the point of using #ILoveMilan hashtag with the picture of rabbit?